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  1. Hi, Like you, I finally found my job. I get to teach courses I love and I do research with undergrads – also a labor of love (most of the time). I started my masters at one school, where I completed the task set before me by my professor. He then took off on sabbatical and was unreachable, pretty much. He would not help me develop the technique into some sort of research project, so after much thinking and consultation with others, I left. Went into music (cello) for several years and almost decided to go that way at least for a while. I was studying at DePaul University in Chicago, and I finally realized that my music could be my second love, but a job in Bio was the true direction. I finished my masters,taught for a few years, then went on for my PhD. By that time I was teaching most of the time, and I decided an academic position was what I wanted. Did a 50:50 teaching -research postdoc, and then became a lecturer at UChicago. Took a while, but I finally did land an tenure-track job, and, as I said, I am happy. Sounds like you have found your way in also! Best of luck to you.
    Liane Cochran-Stafira, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Biology
    Saint Xavier University
    Department of Biological Sciences
    3700 West 103rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60655

    Ph: 773-298-3514
    Fax: 773-298-3536

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